This Week’s Top 25 Hottest Facebook Apps

It’s only been a week since Facebook announced Platform, enabling anyone in the world to create Facebook applications. Hundreds of Facebook apps have already been created in the week since. So here’s a look at the Top 25 Hottest Facebook Apps for the week of June 3, 2007:


1. iLike1,224,178 Facebook users

iLike has stormed out of the gate with over a million people signing up for the app in its first week of availability. iLike lets you add music and videos to your profile, see when concerts are coming up for bands you like, and see who’s going to what concerts.


2. Horoscopes909,925 Facebook users

Out to a strong second is RockYou Horoscopes, with almost a million users. Horoscopes give you bi-daily updates on your zodiac sign (and every other if you want) on your profile page, with customizable skins.

X Me

3. X Me509,016 Facebook users

Can’t get enough “poking” on Facebook? X Me lets you add any kind of “action” on your profile to let people do to you (think pinch, punch, etc, etc, etc…okay stop).

Flixster Movies

4. Movies428,735 Facebook users

Flixster lets you add your own movie ratings and reviews to your Facebook profile, and see what your friends said about movies they’ve watched.


5. Audio418,073 Facebook users

Audio by Numair Faraz lets you search for and listen to music, and add your favorites to your Facebook profile. You can also see what music your friends have on their profiles. All the audio is user-submitted.

6. Trakzor – 375,876 Facebook users

Trakzor lets you see who has visited your profile page. With Facebook’s historical strength in privacy, this is sure to be interesting – there’s lots of complaints on the apps message board and groups forming to protest its use already!


7. Slideshows305,697 Facebook users

RockYou is continuing its Facebook app dominance with Slideshows. Slideshows lets you bring your Facebook photos into customized animations on your profile page.


8. Video264,169 Facebook users

Even though this is a Facebook-produced app, we decided to include it because it launched at the same time as other Platform apps. Facebook Video lets you share your personal videos on Facebook and send video messages to friends.


9. Games246,998 Facebook users

Bunchball has jumped out to the early lead in the Games category. Games gives you a continuously changing set of multi-player games on your profile page. You can get automatically matched with another player or invite your friends to play.

The Compass

10. The Compass195,811 Facebook users

The Washington Post is showing itself to be forward thinking with an early lead in the Politics category. The Compass has you answer a survey on political issues to determine your political leanings. Then, a “compass” is placed on your profile page to show your friends where you stand.


11. Picnik175,321 Facebook users

Picnik lets you edit your photos from right within Facebook. It’s rumored that Adobe is creating Photoshop on the web, but Picnik is much easier to use, and already has a couple hundred thousand users!


12. Roshambull113,911 Facebook users

The guys at Red Bull are all over Facebook apps with Roshambull. Roshambull is a Red Bull branded version of Rock Paper Scissors (otherwise known as RoShamBo).


13. Extended Info111,421 Facebook users

Extended Info is a great little app by Trey Phillips that lets you add fields of your choice to your profile page with the Extended Info box.


14. (fluff)Friends110,490 Facebook users

(fluff)Friends, by Julie Zhou and Mike Sego, lets you add a “pet” to your profile page, like “Caribou” or “Piggu”. Over 100,000 people have added pets in the first week!


15. Drink - 108,720 Facebook users

Drink is a great little app that lets you share drink recipes with your friend. If you’ve seen the size of the bar in my house, you know we’ll be using this one.


16. HotOrNot98,985 Facebook users

HotOrNot, posterchild success story of the late 90′s, is back with a vengeance. As you would imagine, this app lets you rate how hot you think people are. “Find out who your hottest friend is or who the hottest person at your school is.” Who would want to do that?


17. TopFriends94,752 Facebook users

Slide is getting into the Facebook app game with “TopFriends”, an app that brings MySpace functionality to Facebook for the first time. You can make up to 24 people feel special by adding them to your TopFriends list.


18. Causes90,760 Facebook users

Causes is Project Agape‘s first product, baking fundraising into the social network. You can add causes like “The ONE Campaign,” and the causes app will show how much you’ve donated, how many people you’ve recruited, and how much money you’ve raised.


19. Uber Music Player80,727 Facebook users

The Uber Music Player is another music player for your profile page. You can customize it with skins and build your own playlists to share with friends.

Quiz Your Friends

20. Quiz Your Friends - 80,721 Facebook users

Quiz Your Friends is a neat little app that lets you create quizzes for your friends about yourself, and your friends compete for the high score.


21. HotLists76,439 Facebook users

“Are you Mac or PC? Democrat or Republican? Heroes or 24?” HotLists, by the guys at HotOrNot, lets you add lists of your faves to your profile page.

Fortune Cookie

22. Fortune Cookie - 73,128 Facebook users

“Is he the one? Does she have a crush on you? Should you take that job?” Fortune Cookie is another fun little app for your profile page.


23. Trips - 61,027 Facebook users

Trips, by SideStep, is out to an early lead for Facebook travel apps. Trips lets you enter your upcoming trips and find who else is going to the same places you are at the same time you’re going.

Slide Show

24. Slide Shows54,985 Facebook users

Slide is competing with RockYou for the Facebook slideshow app lead. Slide Shows makes your Facebook photo albums more fun, with customizable styles, themes, skins, and music.


25. Music43,067 Facebook users lets you listen to your friends’ favorite music, create lists of your own, and measure your musical compatibility with your friends. If you put in your username, you can also put your playlists and recently played tracks on your profile.


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12 Responses to “This Week’s Top 25 Hottest Facebook Apps”

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  3. Chris says:

    Another simple but awesome app to try:

    TagSnag is a Facebook application that allows you to download and save to your computer all of the tagged pictures of you on Facebook. This allows you to upload the pictures to other websites, place them in Picasa albums, keep a copy in case you abandon your Facebook account, print them, etc. TagSnag prevents you from tediously having to save the pictures one by one.

    TagSnag can be found at

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  5. Rohit Regonayak says:

    GRABLER is a turn based board game that engages players multi-player environment. Grabbler challenges users to build their vocabularies while at the same time is strategic in nature. The game play requires the players to create interlocking words using alphabets placed on cubes while strategy involves grabbing as many cubes of your opponents as possible.

    To Play GRABBLER :

  6. Rohit Regonayak says:

    We have to say a big Thank You to Facebook for the choosing ‘GRABBLER’ as one of the hottest facebook apps.

    Being selected is a testimony to the innovation and uniqueness of Grabbler.

    It’s been 2 months since Grabbler launched and you can expect a whole lot of new stuff coming out in the coming months.

  7. Eric Cayton says:

    Another great app to check out:

    For anyone who has been tagged on Facebook not looking their best, Staples’ I Shred U application allows Facebook users to tell their friends how they really feel about those bad photos. I Shred U lets users shred bad photos to bits via a virtual shredder and send it to a friend with a personalized message. I Shred U! also lets users “trick” photos by giving friends and family a hilarious new look (think mullets, tiaras, bad glasses and more!).

    Check out I Shred U by visiting

  8. Jonathan Block says:

    Once you install the Weather application for Facebook, it watches your weather for you… and get this… its actually USEFUL. That’s a first.

  9. SecondLove says:

    Try SecondLove, a Facebook dating application, which connects you with singles on Facebook.

  10. Top Stalkers says:

    Top Stalkers on Facebook!!!

    Find your Top Stalkers at:

    Find out who your ‘Top 5 Stalkers’ are by analyzing interactions you and your friends have. Data goes back as far back as 180 days.

    Find your Top Stalkers at:

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